A certain Notebook in which the user keeps records of its daily basis activities , observations , experiences he had faced , schedules , feelings & even business records usually a diary is a confidential asset which is mostly of private use. Our mission and values are to promote our client’s business through our innovative and effective promotional tools like diaries, calendars, notebooks, planners, executive folder, organizers and giveaways products and facilitate them in all of their printing and publishing jobs under one roof, The vision is to remain as a market leader in industry of printing, publishing & promotional giveaways in Pakistan and to expand our services to the other regions of the world.


The oldest diaries came from Middle Eastern & East Asian tradition, although even previous works To Myself  & to this day known as the Meditations were written in Greek by the Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius in the second half of the 2nd century AD, which already shows many characteristics of a (DIARY). Pillow books of Japanese court house of ladies & Asian travel guides may shed some light on this piece of information; however there is a very little chance that they contain diurnal records. The renowned scholar Li Ao (9th Century AD) supposedly saved a journal in which he wrote all his experiences he came passed during his journey through the Southern China.

During the time period of MidEast, Arabic diaries , journals were written till 10th century. The only known remaining diary that resembles this era of time to the present modern age diary was Ibn Banna during the 11th century. His diary is the only last diary that was arranged with the concept of regarding to DATE, which in Arabic language is called (Tarikh) that resembles very much to today’s modern age diaries. From the revival, couple of individuals not only wanted to store the historical events as medieval age but to also wanted to give their thoughts & opinions without none so every intention of having these notes published. One of the known examples is the Anonymous (Journal d’un bourgeois de Paris) which has years 1405 to 1449, that provides questioning discussions on the present incidents. From the famous 14 to 16th century known revival examples, that with time later came on surface in the form of books were the diaries made by Florentines Buonaccorso Pitti, Gregorio Dati & Venetian Marino Sanuto the Younger. There we can find the records of even less valuable daily base activates with more light, dilemma & our own thoughts & opinions.




Executive Diaries A.K.A Luxury Diaries are those journals Ideal for personal or gifting use; these diaries are used for writing different kinds of notes and other specific information of confidential use.


These type diaries are books in which person keeps note of its activities & experiences, It can be used any person who is keep forgetting Phone numbers , appointments , or keep track of reminders. There are various kinds of corporate diaries like Personal Corporate Diaries, Custom Corporate Diaries, and Corporate Leather Diaries & Exotic Corporate Diaries.

(Custom Corporate Diaries)

These kind of diaries are often used for storing your personal details/information & schedule planning’s.

(Custom Corporate Diaries)

These kinds of diaries are personalized according to user’s choice of use.

(Corporate Leather Diaries)

These diaries have strong base & fine leather covers.

(Exotic Corporate Dairies)

Such diaries have elegant cover design patterns & are much lighter in weight.

(Uses of Corporate Diaries)

  1. Cost Efficient – As like what most businesses do to promote & advertise their brands & merchandises like TV commercials , radio advertisements or even Ads in newspaper which costs thousands, which on the other hand a corporate diary only costs a couple of bucks which can suit any company’s promotional budget. From business giants to those new in business corporate diaries is something any can afford.
  2. Retaining Products Quality in Public’s Mind – Since as diaries are something important that people will write time to time when they something important happened in their life to be saved in memory, they will always see your company’s name & logo & since they are emotionally encouraged, there is a chance that whenever they feel this kind encouraged they incorporate it with your businesses name. Corporate diaries are also used to discriminate company’s event occasions & future business plans. So to speak if a business person uses this diary each time he goes to his work, pulls out the diary & writes down valuable information related to work then your custom made diaries will discreetly advertise your business for you.
  3. Longer Business Name Exposure – You may seem to think that way that other kinds of advertisement ways may have lasting effect than corporate diaries, don’t jump to conclusions so fast yet. Diaries are ones that mostly kept safe & cherished, especially if real life incidents are stored in it. People mostly tends to get emotionally attached to their diaries that they find themselves not letting them go even though nothing has been stored in it for quite some period of time. So as long as the diary is cherished & safe your company’s name will keep coming back to their thoughts & mind.

Notebooks are casual diaries, used by many people to keep up to date with their record of daily activities, experiences, routines, reminders etc. or in case of a student play an important role keeping tabs on classes & Studies schedule.

(Uses of Notebooks)

  1. To Do Lists Most of the people write their unfinished activities & make a list of it in their notebooks as reminders.
  2. I have couple of pages of memories from my childhood, Most of the times I think what if I don’t write them will they be lost forever.
  3. Just random book names & authors I hear from other people, Later when I have time I can look it up & give my thoughts & opinion.
  4. Even though I’m not that good at matching artists with their respective song titles, if I hear a song on a radio & I like it, I would most likely to write down that songs & artist name for later buying it most possibly at (AMAZON’s) mp3 online store.
  5. Website links, if I hear something on the radio & wanted to check it out later, I mostly think that I will remember the website name but usually I forget them, so that’s why people started using notebooks quite often.