Emaan Gifts

About Emaan

Emaan is an emerging name in packaged luxury dates and Swiss chocolate delights. Our products are especially tailor made for corporate, food service, hospitality and retail clients.

We specialize in crafting and delivering high class gift packages that reflect the local traditions and hospitality of Pakistan.

Our History

From the Group that already has over 100 years of experience in providing range of business promotion solutions. Emaan sought to introduce the finest and freshest dates and chocolate delights for special occasions. With the inclusion of genuine Swiss chocolate, we have developed unique flavor combinations to suit today’s more sophisticated clientele.  We offer an extensive range of specialty gift and retail presentation boxes, each especially made for as specific event or occasion.  Among our many prestigious clients, we have had the privilege to serve government departments, 5-star international and regional hotel groups, leading retailers, specialty food stores and many leading corporations in the region.

Why Choose Emaan?

Whether you are planning a special event or product launch, marking the occasion of Eid or other holidays, or simply sending a token of appreciation to your valued clients, Emaan luxury dates and chocolates are the perfect expression of our traditions of hospitality. We select only the finest quality dates for our specially created gift boxes. Extra special care and effort go into ensuring that we work only with the finest and most reputed date farms to ensure that only the very best dates go into our gift packages. Emaan is directly involved in all parts of the process, from the selection of the ingredients to the delivery of the gift packages. This enables us to ensure that our products are delivered to our valued clients in the freshest and most pristine condition.